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A Spoken English and Computer Training Student in Residential Care at OEIChetan was in a road accident that injured his spinal chord at age ten. Chetan spent several months in the hospital and several years in his house with his parents repressing the horrifying incident. The fear gripped Chetan so much that he feared stepping out of his house. This fear also hindered him from completing 10th grade. Chetan was brought to OEI Center for residential care by his parents for six months of Spoken English and Computer training. They saw this training as a possible way to help Chetan overcome his fear. Here at OEI Center, Chetan made good friends with whom he was able to share his fears. “I built my confidence here through my friends and OEI staff who spoke with and encouraged me regularly. Although it was very difficult for me to cope with my health issues (uncontrolled bowel movements), with a lot of support from my teachers, I gave it all my effort, took my exams and scored the second highest in my class. This success has increased my confidence to go ahead in my life.”
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