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“Who says that miracles don’t happen? I am the best proof that miracles do happen. I was once a bitter and quarrelsome girl. My temper would flare up at the slightest provocation. I would pick quarrels with everyone in my home. But now all my family members and relatives are surprised to see the change that Equip India and have brought in me. I am the most sought-after person in my family now to settle disputes and quiet tempers,” said Rathna.
Thirty-five-year old Rathna hails from Betadur, a village in Karnataka. Having been affected by polio when she was a toddler, she does not have full use of her right leg. She exudes a spirit of confidence and inner calm as she speaks to us and tells us how much Equip India has done for her. Before she came to OEI for training in embroidery she felt that she was a burden to her family and to the society. She often thought of doing away with her life. But God had a purpose in her life. She is the link that holds her family together now
 “I shall never ever forget the change Equip India effected in me and my attitude,” says Rathna. “Not only did I gain the confidence to want to live but also the desire to support and uphold others. And now with the skills that Equip India has taught me, I am sure that I do not have to depend on anyone for my daily needs. In fact, whenever crops fail and finances are difficult, I draw from my savings and support my family.”
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